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Why high quality SEO is an essential business investment

SEO or search engine optimisation has become such a big thing in the digitised world because of one thing and one thing only, and that is what we often refer to as ‘the internet of things’ or IoT.

The fact that SEO has risen to become such a powerful tool until it is said to be able to make or otherwise break an organization’s success is not just myth, it is actually a fact. Search engine optimisation efforts are important towards driving traffic to a website and this plays a significant role in creating awareness and providing publicity which in turn is an essential aspect of revenue generation.

The more exposure a business receives, the more likely it is to capture clients and there is no other marketing channel that is capable of driving or directing ‘relevant traffic’ to your business doorstep than SEO which many businesses have come to find as the marketing tool that ‘owns up’ and has the rate of return compared to any other kind of marketing and promotional initiative.

However, before we go beyond ourselves with lack of understanding, let it be known that the SEO sphere is complex on the higher tiers, but the basics can be easily understand nevertheless.

It is true that even a tiny bit of SEO knowledge would stand to make a big difference in the scheme of things. Thus, increasing you knowledge on SEO which is widely available on the web for beginners would be a good start for those who intend to give it a try on their own to justify future SEO based projects.

If you take this as the first step and give it a little effort, you could quickly be on your way to understanding what SEO is all about.

So what is SEO?

To begin with, let’s go back to search engines which have two primary functions which are crawling and building an index, and they do this so that they will be able to provide users searching for things on the internet with the most relevant information and the most relevant appear in the first page in a list and the likelihood of the top most or the first, second and third being clicked on is the highest and if you were in any of these positions, then ‘the user’ will be led straight to your website!.

So, getting to these ‘top positions is what SEO is mainly about and to do it, it all depends on the content and links you have created to and fro from your site and this is where keywords or trigger words become key significant factors. So, now you have to figure out as the first step towards SEO, what are the keywords that are most relevant to your business?

Once you have this figured out you create content or articles and post them on various popular sites and blogs with backlinks and search engines pick on these ‘indicators’ and bump you up the ranking scale. Keep doing it with popular websites and articles which are informative and of value to readers, then you can rest assured you will be on your way to the top 10 in no time.

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Michael Grosvero
Michael Grosvero
05:55 29 Jan 19
It has been my pleasure to have dealt with Roy Ellery for nearly 10 years during which time he has created websites for two separate businesses. One, Hospitality Information Systems is a passive site whilst the other POS-PAPER & RIBBONS is dynamic. The POS-PAPER & RIBBONS website has its own shopping cart and integrated payment system. It has been running for over 9 years and has never been down. It is a busy site and mission critical data has never been compromised. I would have no hesitation in recommending Roy to anyone embarking upon any web development more
Michael Toumayan
Michael Toumayan
07:39 26 Oct 18
Working with Roy and the team at Online Invent has been a great choice for me and my business, especially when talking about our overseas markets, and the capabilities show by Roy, along with his track record, and delivering results, all the while having awesome communication with me the whole time. Highly Recommended!!read more
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