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The drawbacks of using Wix for a business website

Wix is undoubtedly an amazing website builder platform. It has all the nice features and gives you all the flexibility and power to build an effective personal or business website.

One of the main advantages of using Wix is that you can get your site built in under 5 minutes and you don’t need to learn all those technical stuff such as HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. Not only this, but you’re also getting this kind of benefit at an extremely low price because hiring a developer to get the job done will cost more.

But at the same time, there are also many disadvantages of using Wix. For this post, I’ll talk about the major drawbacks of using Wix for a business website. I’ll also explain why hiring a developer or a web development agency is a good decision instead of building your site with Wix.

1. You can’t customize a Wix site to a great extent.

Why should you spend so much money hiring developers to build your website when developers are not cheap nowadays?

The answer to this is that you won’t get the level of customisation with a Wix site. Yes, Wix sites are customisable, but only to a certain extent. For example, If you want more than 3 levels of navigation menu, you can’t do it using the Wix builder, you have to hire someone to do that or you need to learn coding.

If you can’t customise and personalise each and every tiny thing in your website, the site won’t be that much useful, efficient, and powerful. You need to be able to modify each and every element of your website to a very large extent, so that your website looks unique and completely different from other websites. A unique design will increase the site’s credibility and the brand value of your business.

Not being able to customize to such a great extent is probably the biggest disadvantage of building a website with Wix, whereas if you hire a developer, you can make each element of your website exactly how you want. Just tell the developer exactly how the website should look and how it should function. After the website building is done, you can ask your developer to make several changes so that your website is completely according to your preferences. So complete customisation and personalisation is the biggest advantage of hiring a developer.

So the problem of not being able to nicely customise will not remain when you’ll hire a developer or a web development agency. They’ll listen to you and will build a site according to your requirements and preferences. So if you work with a developer or a web development agency, you’ll get exactly what you want.

2. SEO optimization is difficult on Wix.

Although Wix offers an SEO Wizard that will help you perform SEO optimisation, the SEO methods provided are outdated, the modern SEO techniques are not present there. Wix just offers only the basic search engine optimisation techniques such as optimising the content for search engines, grouping, and keyword targeting. The modern SEO aspects have not been provided.

If you hire a web development company, they will not just apply modern SEO principles on your website, they will also implement advanced SEO techniques, keeping the SEO best practices in mind and ignoring the practices that may harm your site’s SEO.

3. No unlimited plans.

Having an unlimited amount of storage and bandwidth is essential especially if you have long-term business plans. But Wix does not provide you with any unlimited plans. Even the commercial and business plans do not offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, which is a big issue for a business owner.

4. Ads from Wix on your site.

The Wix ads can be disturbing for your website visitors. They can negatively affect your site’s credibility. It’s a common fact that ads harms the website’s user experience. Even if the ads are designed in such a way that people will not get annoyed, they may still have negative impact on the site’s user experience.

The problem with Wix is that you can’t get rid of those ads with a starter plan. You need to choose a different, costlier plan in order to remove them.

5. You don’t get true apps in the app store

Instead of getting true apps from the app store, you will get to add functionality to your site using just I-frames, which is not the best solution, although this solution offered by Wix is easy to implement and it works. But getting true apps is a special thing because it’s about adding real functionality instead of just adding I-frames.

Final thoughts

Wix is a good solution for beginners who want their personal website or business website built quickly. But for those who are more serious about their business and are interested in long-term business results, Wix doesn’t seem to be an ideal choice. For them, hiring an individual developer or a web development company would be great as a developer or a development agency will not just build a great site for you, they’ll also listen to you and will modify and polish everything in your website according to your preferences.

And also, you’ll get valuable advice from them, which will help you in your business. For example, from their experience, they can help you with SEO and marketing. Obviously, they may charge separately for those services, but the value you will receive will be much more than the money you’ll spend.

Web development companies generally have SEO and marketing specialists who can help you increase the online visibility of your website.

If you’d like to build a website, we can help. We have a team of expert web developers who can develop powerful websites for you. If you have any questions regarding our web development service, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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