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Online Invent Melbourne has extensive experience in custom PHP/MySQL programming. We have been creating custom website-based software and API systems since 2007.

Custom Website Based Software Development

We create web-based software for a wide range of business types and for a wide range of reasons - to eliminate paperwork, assist in stock/margin control, simplify data entry, automate calculations from internal business processes, or any other system which can be identified where the requirement is to effectively and efficiently control some (or all) aspects of your business operations.

We welcome contact from any company wanting to discuss how our custom web-based software can be applied to modernise your business, by the creation of simple and efficient software processes for your employees/customers.

Why choose custom web-based software for your business

Web-based software operates much like regular software operates on your computer or mobile phone, except it is delivered via a web-browser and available via an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

This opens up accessibility for customers, clients and/or employees that regular software cannot provide.

Regular Laptop/Desktop computers or Phone App based software alone is often not suitable as a platform, hence why many businesses choose to create custom software on a website platform. This provides greater ease of access and can be developed for use with desktop computers and laptops, along with tablets and mobile phones if required.

Examples of web-based software business applications

Online Invent has experiencing in developing custom software for both small and large businesses.

Most businesses who contract our services do so with the intent to lower or limit manpower/labour costs and build software to simplify existing systems efficiently.

In most circumstances, any process that requires communication, data collection, data entry and/or payments can be adapted to work in an online software environment.


API Development Developer Melbourne

Custom API Development

API (Application Program Interface) development can assist businesses and institutions in many ways. It's primary use is to issue access to data securely without any ability to compromise important computer systems and databases.

An API can secure the original database and software while allowing a medium where data can be sent and received securely. It can be used for many different areas and is found in almost every mobile app you have used where data needs to be sent, received and stored securely on both ends, without any vulnerabilities and in a manner easy for developers to implement into their own websites, software and mobile apps.

An API provides the ability to provide data to anyone with the correct credentials while maintaining the security of the primary server. Companies develop API's for a wide range of applications, speak to us about your ideas to see if a custom API development is a solution for your specific requirements.

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Custom Point Of Sale Software

Custom Point of Sale Systems

Some businesses operate on a model far too advanced for normal point of sale or accounting software to handle effectively. For customers with such requirements, we have extensive experience in developing custom point of sale software which can handle everything from customer service requirements through to accounting, stock control, margin control and tracking of company financials.

We have worked with a number of companies requiring point of sale in highly competitive industries, where the price of stock and margins vary on a minute to minute basis, we can implement live pricing which is able to track changing world prices to ensure all margins are correct and up to date at all times.

Some of the benefits customers receive from this type of software is:

  • • Operate and manage your business data online from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • • The ability to eliminate paperwork as much as possible.
  • • Improving communication by providing employees and sub-contractors access to live business data.
  • • Greatly reduce the instance of mistakes by human error.
  • • Increasing productivity of employees and lowering manpower requirements and/or overtime.
  • • Custom reports can help to easily view current profits, losses and financial positions.
  • • Simplify account keeping requirements along with the ability to export data direct for your accountant.
  • • Custom reporting systems can be built for a variety of purposes from the data collected in the system.
  • • Lower reliance on complicated manual calculations or spreadsheets by instant software data generation.
  • • For stock based on floating market prices, developing a live pricing system ensures pricing is accurate.
  • • In highly regulated businesses, systems can be developed to ensure compliance will all regulatory requirements.

For any business where regular point of sale or book-keeping methods aren't up to the task, we can develop custom point of sale systems which manage the complex requirements of your business needs.

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Sales Representative Software

Sales Representative Systems

Creating web-based software for use by your sales representatives serves two purposes. It simplifies the ordering/stock control methods your sales reps use, along with assisting management in keeping track of sales by each representative.

The software can also record and track new customers obtained by each representative for viewing by management.

You may also want to develop the software so that customers can place re-orders via your website, and the customers sales representatives are notified to respond.

As well, custom web software simplifies the process of monitoring sales representatives performance, and improves the relationships between sales representatives and customers.

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Automated Monthly Yearly Billing Systems

Automated Monthly/Yearly Billing Systems

Many businesses operate on a Monthly or Yearly billing system and payments are managed offline or via paper invoicing. We are able to build custom web software to suit your business, which can alert customers via Email and/or SMS when a bill is due, along with providing an online payment gateway to handle payments to your company, allowing your customers to log in to your website and pay accounts online.

Overdue billing can also be managed via this software, with overdue tracking and follow up emails/SMS sent at a time frame of your choosing, until the amount owing is recovered.

This type of system can operate on its own or in co-operation with more advanced software for other areas of the business. Speak with us about your requirements to consider the solutions we can develop for you, using our online website based software systems.

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Custom Supply Chain Production Line Systems

Custom Supply Chain/Production Line Systems

With more businesses moving offshore to cut down labour and manpower costs, businesses often need to change the way they manage each stage of the manufacturing and supply process.

While companies may take payments and orders locally, often foreign companies are either contracted or set-up specifically to take advantage of lower labour and supply costs within offshore markets.

Moving from having everything under one roof, to one or more operations offshore, the ability to track each order start to finish becomes essential for providing management, staff and the end customer a reliable time-frame, along with speeding up the entire process from ordering through manufacturing to local delivery.

We are able to create custom online software which can be used for supply chain and production line processes. Orders can be placed online by management or sales staff which is received by the relevant parties, and each stage of production or supply reported and accounted for.

Progress reports can be updated at each stage by employees local and offshore, ensuring the tracking of production and supply is monitored from start to finish.

If your business needs assistance in tracking the progress of production line or supply chain systems, for physical goods, digital products or financial tracking, speak to us about your requirements.

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Most businesses can benefit in some way from creating custom online software to manage certain aspects of their business requirements. Many older systems which rely on paperwork can be automated easily, and more advanced requirements can often be catered for after some knowledge is obtained.

We currently assist businesses with all of the above-mentioned systems, custom made from scratch to ensure suitability for your individual business.

If you have a certain aspect of your business that you feel would be better managed via specific computer software created for the task, rather than the current methods you are using, speak with us and we will see if a solution is cost-effective for you.

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