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AUDA Launches New Direct .AU Domains

Domain names make a world of difference towards attracting web traffic and given the fact that domain name purchases run on a first come basis concept, it not always easy to get the name you want. More often than not the URL you dream off is taken and to buy them from the owners sometimes cost a small fortune.

Australians have somewhat managed to avoid the serious issue of ‘cyber-squatters” better than our .COM global neighbours, as registration for new AU domains must comply with an ABN or ACN attachment to the domain for eligibility, however the squatting issue has become more prevalent in AU domains over the last few years.

To provide more choice and to improve the accessibility of Australian domains globally, AuDA has now released to existing .COM.AU and .NET.AU registrants the ability to obtain direct registrations for their .au domain names, which would render Australian sites much more appealing (e.g. “”).

The new “direct” AU domains have been a work in progress since internal approval almost 7 years ago in 2015. Originally direct registration was to be introduced in 2017, but was postponed to 2022.

The new direct AU domain is being taken up rapidly for those who intend to change their old domains into the new format. Currently, those who are in a situation where they own a “” and there is no “” owner, they are allowed to register a new .au domain immediately.

On the other hand in the event that an individual owns a “” and another person owns a “”, they are both allowed to register for the new domain and AUDA will decide in September 2022 who gets the new domain name. In most circumstances whoever registered their original domain first will be awarded the new domain.

The new .au will be available to the public without restriction from September 2022, the policy of an ABN or ACN for registration is still maintained.

Those wishing to apply for .au may do so directly via their current domain name registrar.

For more information you are welcome to contact Online Invent.

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