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What is WordPress?

From a non-geek-speak aspect WordPress could be simply deemed as ‘the software’ that is currently most popular that can be used for web publications; create fancy dazzling websites or blogs.

WordPress which was released in 2003 currently powers one out four websites that you land on whilst browsing. Believe it or not some of the biggest news sites online is also powered by this software that in the last decade has become one of the most used software for website building on the planet due to a variety of reasons among which have been listed below.

To start off with, among the primary reasons as to why this software has become so popular is because it is ‘Open Source’ which means that it is absolutely free. If you are not sure as to why or what ‘Open-Source’ means, it means that thousands of individuals around the planet are constantly working on the source codes to improve the functional aspects of the software, which also means that nobody actually owns it.

The second reason as to why it is so popular is because WordPress is actually the most flexible and extensible software as of to date. This is because there are an immense number of plugins and themes that available for just about anybody to use which means you would be able to change the entire façade of your website and add features with just a few clicks.

Thirdly, apart from its flexibility it is user friendly and even for a novice computer use it is so easy to learn that kids are using it to create their own sites. Thus, instead of hiring a web designer each time an individual intends to make a change to his/ her or their website, they may do so on their own. Updating and creating content has never been so easy as opposed to having to learn how to use code. If you are able to manipulate MS Word to do what you want it to do, you will be able to use WordPress without any issues.

Fourthly, let us just say that you are creating a high end website that needs some complex or custom feature to be added to it, and you come across obstacles that you are not too sure about managing, you could simply hire someone just to simply take care of the ‘particular issue’ which would not be so costly because there are thousands of WordPress pros out there waiting on you. Or just take one of the tutorials that are available a dime a dozen all over the internet.

So if you are looking at creating a basic personal website, WordPress is the way to go, however the standard wordpress alone is very basic, it always helps to have a website developer to create a wordpress design and website for you, then use the benefits of wordpress to maintain the website yourself following this.

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Michael Grosvero
Michael Grosvero
05:55 29 Jan 19
It has been my pleasure to have dealt with Roy Ellery for nearly 10 years during which time he has created websites for two separate businesses. One, Hospitality Information Systems is a passive site whilst the other POS-PAPER & RIBBONS is dynamic. The POS-PAPER & RIBBONS website has its own shopping cart and integrated payment system. It has been running for over 9 years and has never been down. It is a busy site and mission critical data has never been compromised. I would have no hesitation in recommending Roy to anyone embarking upon any web development more
Michael Toumayan
Michael Toumayan
07:39 26 Oct 18
Working with Roy and the team at Online Invent has been a great choice for me and my business, especially when talking about our overseas markets, and the capabilities show by Roy, along with his track record, and delivering results, all the while having awesome communication with me the whole time. Highly Recommended!!read more
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