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Web Hosting Location – Is it Important?

As it is, picking the appropriate web host is already a difficult choice and to make matters worse, did you know that the location also matters?

Among the thousands of web hosting businesses on the planet that provide almost similar services at almost similar prices, which would be the most suitable for you?

The answer is the best among them that is closest to you and it is important to get this right off the bat as switching costs are not only high but also time consuming and could also be quite tedious due to technicalities which may have a diverse impact on your business.

The reason as to why it is important is due to the fact that the further away the company that hosts your website is geographically, the longer it takes for the page to load and as we all know, if a page is slow, the likely hood of surfers hitting the back button or start of a new search is highly likely.

Apart from this geographical locations also matter to web crawlers that follow an algorithm that is based on relevance. This simply means that the closer you are to your target audience, the higher the likelihood of these web crawlers to consider your site being more relevant to those who key in the keywords that are associated with you, your service or your product which will bring your site higher on the page rank.

Let us look at what makes websites desirable, first and foremost they need to be fast and even seconds matter when web users are surfing as each click taking more than 2 seconds to load would be regarded as slow these days. Thus, real distance actually play a crucial role in virtual distance as well as data needs to be rerouted more time and has to travel longer compared to when your web host server is closer to those who need your products or services.

This happens mainly because Google also takes into account through their algorithm website load speeds prior to returning search results. So, we say it again that the best method to get better speed or rapid loading is to host your website as close as possible to the target audiences.

According the most current research statistics, mobile device users are prone to abandoning a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load and with Google ranking you based on the sites load speeds, the impact it can have on your business could actually be tremendous as Google would just drop your rank without second thoughts. Thus, the best place to locate your websites server is within your own borders provided the target audience are within your own borders as well.

However, on the other hand f your product or service is global and your target audience are scattered throughout the planet then it would best to have your web-hosting services in a central location such as Turkey, or if your target audience are in America, but your business is based in Australian, then it would be best to locate your server in the United states and not in Australia.

Although this may result in a slightly higher cost, the implications on your business will be exceedingly positive. As they always say … location is everything when it comes to businesses and websites are no exception.

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