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Cloud Hosting vs. Web Hosting

The kind of server environment that we choose to run our websites depend solely on the size and functions of your website, not to mention the amount f traffic that the site might receive and finally the level of technical expertise the owner of the site possesses. Standard webhosting includes shared hosting which is the most common type of hosting due to its relatively cheap cost.

A higher end web-hosting method is via dedicated hosting whereby the entire server will be ‘dedicated’ to your website, This would mean that the owners of this site will have complete and uninterrupted control over their website and although the price is much higher it carries with it great performance. Another aspect of dedicated hosting that must be taken into account is that you must have a firm grasp of internet protocols in order to maintain and run the site without any hitches.

Another form of web-hosting is via a VPS server where web owners still utilise shared server environments, with the only difference being is that they will also be accorded with a virtual server ‘layered’ on it. This form of web-hosting revolves around the owners using an allotted amount of space, memory use and all else which essentially leads to better performance overall.

The final format for web-hosting that is standard is the managed hosting topology. This method allows web owners to have access to higher performing servers that is not just managed, but optimized by a group of IT wizards on your behalf.

Cloud Hosting is different in a sense that Cloud hosting offers website owners with an unlimited resource expansion potential which is good for sites that have a potential to grow or accelerate rapidly. Apart from that owners also have the option to switch servers if they come to find the current server is under-performing which also works when the server your site is on malfunctions which means that it will ‘always be functional’ eliminating ‘server downtimes’.

Other positive factors about cloud hosting include the flexibility of its prices as web owners only need to pay for what you use and if traffic was to increase all of a sudden there will not be an issue to scale up resources and when traffic is low web owners could simply scale down on their needs which makes cloud hosting not just more reliable, but also cost effective.

Based on these facts, it becomes clear which form of hosting is the better choice for businesses and as well as individuals and given the fact that Cloud Hosting is the way of the future, if you do not have a suite and intend to build one, cloud hosting should be among the options that you should place on the ‘option table’.

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