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Digital Marketing Explained in Brief

The pillars of digital marketing is divided into two main spheres the first being online marketing followed by offline marketing. Within these spheres (online and offline marketing) these marketing concepts are further divided into sub categories, for instance online marketing consists of Search Engine Optimisation also more commonly known as SEO, Search Engine Marketing or SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click or PPC, Affiliate Marketing and E-Mail Marketing.

As for offline marketing, it includes radio marketing, electronic billboards, neon signs, TVs, Cinemas and others. In essence, digital marketing involves anything that is connected to a device, that is with a difference between what is on the internet (online) and whatever else electronic that is not on the internet (offline). The concept of marketing at this point needs to be explained as well, thus before moving on to the question of ‘what is digital marketing’ we need to know what is marketing.

So, what is marketing? Marketing is about creating awareness among consumers about the existence of a product or service in its most primal sense as opposed to what many people think, which is ‘marketing is to sell’, which is in general a secondary objective of marketing. Now that we have covered the fundamentals of marketing orsubcategories let have a look at digital marketing from a greater perspective.

An electronic billboard located at a major metropolitan area will cost businesses close to 100,000 AUD per year to run advertisements and the price as far as most businesses are concerned is insignificant to the returns on investment based on the fact that in a year millions of people will be aware of the existence of the brand, product or service that was displayed on that billboard for a period of one year.

However, in general, are for the ‘big boys’ of the business world due to their high cost. Smaller businesses nevertheless have found ingenious ways via online to reach just as many or maybe more people using online digital marketing concepts. This has caused major corporations to rethink their marketing initiatives based on the fact that online marketing is not only capable of reaching more people; it is also cheaper and much more effective.

Ever wondered as to why, after you Google a product or service, similar categories of products or services start to appear on your social media page? It is because, everything on the internet is connected and search engines play a major role in driving marketing objectives of companies because it is their biggest source of revenue.

The same impact that a billboard that costs 100,000 AUD could have over a period of a year would be achieved with less than 4,000 AUD in 3 months. This depends on who you hire to build and ‘market’ your website as driving traffic to your site is an art that only professional web developers are competent at.

It is due to this reason that well versed business people/ companies always hire professional web developers to build and even manage their websites with a monthly or quarterly budget.

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