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Why it’s imperative to use professionals for your business website

Website builders as they old adage goes is ‘a dime a dozen’ and almost any one of them are able to offer clients instant website that as far as you would be concerned ‘suitable’ for your business. Besides that, there are also a gazillion options that allow you to build your own website using ‘slap-stick’ website development software. These offerings may seem like the answer to all your website needs and convenient for the most part, when in truth these solutions undermine the most vital and pivotal aspects that are imperative for having an efficient, effective and functional website that does justice for your business.

Professional Development is a critical determinant for creating leads

Sites that are created overnight or by the business owners themselves lack the fundamentals of a professional website, nevertheless and unfortunately these easy options have become popular among most people at the start and only after spending an excessive amount of resources do they come to realisation and revert to professionals. This is due to the fact that these ‘easy overnight’ websites are not capable of generating leads and eventually cause damage more damage than good to businesses.

Professional web designers have a variety of skills that are directly related to the fundamental aspects of a successful website due to their experiences and talents in building a websites that not only looks good to people, but also websites that act as beacons to search engines that plays a critical role in directing ‘relevant traffic’ to the site.

There is a difference between professionals and amateurs

Professional web designers or developers have specific skills related to the mechanics of how the entire web functions as a whole that most amateurs do not even know exists. Coding, injecting specific keywords that would be critical to search engine optimisation and sourcing quality content are just some of these specific skill sets that are critical towards establishing functional websites that serves the objective of the website. Using ‘slap stick’ skills to build websites is almost instantly spotted by web crawlers and these websites are more often than not moved automatically to the bottom of their search list returns. This is akin to building a house in a week by kids and a house built by a contractor in a month or two, which house do you think will serve the needs of the occupants and guests that visit the house?

What should you expect from a professional?

Among the most critical components that you should be able to expect from a professional web developer or web development company are:

  1. Competency in graphic design
  2. Understanding of coding
  3. Search engine optimisation
  4. Competency in digital marketing
  5. Understanding of Page Ranking & Search Engine Algorithms
  6. Ability to provide quality content

Cost Factors

The costs of maintaining a website is an on-going element as factors such as algorithms related to search engine optimisation tend to change from time to time, the web development company identifies these changes and source for content and post them at strategic sites that have backlinks to your site. Apart from this, there will also be costs related to hosting. The servers hosting your site should be close to your business as this criterion is taken into consideration by Google, Bing or Yahoo. Websites are vital to a business from any perspective in this day and age and as such getting it done by a professional does make a difference, a very big difference.

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