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The Importance of On Site SEO

SEO is undoubtedly among the most fundamental aspects of Internet marketing in the current digital age. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is regularly referred to as is basically a concept of utilising tools that are online to enhance website ranking or position among search engines.

This, in essence, provides websites with greater visibility and exposure to targeted visitors which in turn enhance the potential for sales conversions.

However, there are several considerations revolving around SEO that website owners must take into account and among the most crucial is On-Page SEO which is also referred to as on-site SEO. On-page SEO in principal revolves around optimising elements within the architecture of website pages that makes webpages search engine friendly.

In other words, this SEO aspect basically assists search engines to comprehend websites optimally and evaluate content for relevancy for those seeking information about specific products, services or information using select keywords.

Therefore, if your intention is to use SEO or make SEO an integral component of your Marketing campaign, it is recommended that you have a clear and present understanding of the principals behind On-page or On-Site SEO. Below are some basics of On-page SEO

Despite the emergence of other Internet marketing channels such as social media marketing SEO is still a critical success factor based on the fact that most searches for products and services are executed via search engines.

Some factions have come to the conclusion that SEO is ‘dead’ without carefully analysing real data and collecting actual evidence and most of them have paid dearly for making that assumption as SEO is far from being dead, and as a matter of fact, it has become more prominent.

According to studies organic web search or holistic search engine results are still very much sitting right on top of the pile of traffic sources based on the responses from survey respondents and the percentage of those using search engines to find information about anything and everything is still growing at a very steady pace and it is not expected to stop growing at any time soon.

It is due to this that it has become particularly very important to optimise On-Site SEO with attracting targeted audiences arriving at your site in a steady seamless stream. Nevertheless, this is not to say that you should drop all other internet marketing initiatives and only focus on On-Page SEO, the idea is to use all of them to achieve optimal results across the board!

Search Engine Optimisation covers all aspects of internet marketing as all the other marketing initiatives undertaken by you online, will eventually fall into the category of ‘off-page or off-site SEO’ and when you have both On-Site & Off-Site SEO synchronised, the results will be substantial.

The main point of any internet marketing campaign is to create as much awareness as you can to the masses, especially those who fall into your specific audience category.

On a parting note, the most important thing about SEO is to get it right the first time around by hiring those who know what they are doing according to SEO requirements.

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